Rainbows in Paradise Valley

Rainbows in Paradise Valley

It’s that time of year when rainbows spontaneously arise. I could see the stirring of the elements from my home in Livingston as the sun was slowly settling into the mountains. I called to my canine partner Yeshe and we loaded up to go rainbow hunting.

Upon arrival we hiked around on the river bank until I could see some glowing above us, out of view of our position. So we huffed and puffed up the hill to gain a better view. Good things were about to happen. Yeshe and I plopped down in the grass to study some beautiful flowers and I could see the a potential array starting to form as the low afternoon sun was playing with mild showers over the Absarokee’s. Bingo! The glow grew slowly into a rainbow, faint at first. and  It  just kept getting better and better as we scurried from place to place finding different vantage points. Then, as quickly as it came… it went.

I love this magical place with all of it’s unsettledness and whimsical ways.

Enjoy the view!

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Spring storms in Montana

It’s such a gorgeous time of year in southwest Montana.  Evening skies are filled with grandeur and magic light.  Yesterday evening I rolled down the valley to visit a good friend near Carbella.  A trip that should have taken me 45 minutes ended up nearly doubling because I could not refrain from chasing after images. It’s a big Montana sky and it’s full of wonder.  Check it out!

Eric Berndt… thanks for the invite!







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Paradise Valley sunset February

February 19th, 2017

I love driving down into the Paradise Valley about an hour before sunset just to see what I can see.  I left a bit early to get a walk in with my faithful Yeshe dog.  I recognized the signs that something might be brewing to the south. Soon a storm was blowing in over the mountains. I could tell we were in for a splendid display.  This valley rarely disappoints!



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Welcome Montana Sky lovers!

Welcome to A Piece of Montana
Over the years I have done a lot of windshield time driving all over Montana for many different reasons. The primary reason is the fact that I am a wedding photographer who specializes in scenic outdoor weddings.

I’ve been collecting images of the big Montana sky ever since I moved here 28 years ago. I am in love with everything ‘Montana’ and and now it’s time to share my ever growing collection. This website is in it’s infancy and will be growing as I have time to add to the Portfolios and Gallery. So, feel free to drop in once in a while to see this work in progress.

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